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                 CLARKE´S THIRD LAW

After Third World War, Vishu, a child from a new human tribe will find the answer to Arthur C. Clarke’s most important question: Does extraterrestrial life exist in the universe? See more here.


Ambitious psychological thriller that tells the betrayal that a young German pastor commit against her lover in Nazi Poland, 1943. More information here.


Social drama where we discover the love story of a woman of 71 years with a husband with Alzheimer's. See more here.


Emil is a young Serb soldier who must kill a mute gypsy. It is a musical drama that TALKS about the guilt generated by wars. 

                         LOVE OF GOD

Alfonso, a orphan child, is recruited by the Templar order in the XIII century. Years later, in a battle, he will have to decide if he has to kill a Saracen soldier in God's name. 


Social drama where a young sweeper receive an expected letter after his workday More information here.


                  SPOT PLAYSTATION

Spot for the series of games inFAMOUS: Second Son of Playstation. The genres of thriller and action together in this TV spot ... an experience for the sense. See more here.

                          SPOT COMEX

Spot for the international paint company Comex. Advertising that uses humor as a tool to enter the marketing message of the company.


                  LEGUA EDITORIAL

Corporate video that conveys the idea that beauty the client looks through the quality of its products. See more here.



Since 2013 I´ve been teaching at the School of Cinema in Valencia. I have also given talks and MASTER CLASS in vocational institutes. See more here.

             DIRECTOR OF PHOTO

For 3 years I have been working on various international projects being the head in the picture. In this field I usually have complete control over the visuals.


In 2011 I founded a film company . There I developed a business model called CINEMA 360. See more information here.


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